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Here you can find some of our most popular products
Pavement signs
Outdoor Advertising Signs
Pavement signs and A-boards are eye-catching signs that target street traffic, which is then directed to your store. We can proudly present a wide range of pavements signs that are guarenteed to be both easy to use and extremely effective advertising.
Snap frames
Easy To Use Advertising Frames
Snap frames which are also known as click frames are super smart advertising frames that are used to display posters of all sizes. Click frames are extremely easy to use and updating your posters and offers a breeze!
Literature holders
Flyer Stands And Brochure Holders
We have a huge selection of literature holders and stands with different capacities and formats. From single-room brochure holders all the way up to the large 32-room brochure carousels.
Whiteboard Products For The Wall
A whiteboard is a magnetic noticeboard with a steel-ceramic surface. You can use magnets to hang paper, photos and drawings up with, or use whiteboards markers draw and write with.
Queue barriers
Retractable Barriers
Queue barriers are used in many environments. From airports to restaurants, exhibition centers to hotels and everything in between. We have a large selection of both retractable barriers and also traditional post and rope barriers.
Roller Banners
Pull Up Banner Stands
A picture is worth a thousand words. Promote your presence during any exhibition or promotion with these indispensable marketing products. We have a large selection og roller banners sold both with or without print.
For Cafés And Restaurants
Chalkboards are very popular in pubs, cafes, restaurants and bistros. They are super versatile and allow you to quickly change your menus, messages or prices without having to make / buy a new poster.
Poster stands
Poster Display Stands
We have a large range of poster display stands available in standard and custom sizes. Our poster display racks, poster holders and freestanding poster displays are top quality and gaurenteed to draw attention.

Our brands

A small selection of some of our top brands
Today, chalkboards and chalk art have found its permanent place in our world. It’s easy to imagine why, because sharing your message in an authentic, personal, sympathetic way and showing your creativity is a lot of fun!
With intelligent solutions, DURABLE helps professionals succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s working world. DURABLE boasts almost 100 years of expertise in professional presentation and organisation concepts.
Nobo is about communication and collaboration. A catalyst for freethinking that lets concepts flow and build. Meetings go better with Nobo.